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Founded in 2012

»ART of« has quickly established itself as a leader in professional dance master classes with the »ART of« Ballet Summer Course BERLIN.

Every year students and established professionals from the world of dance travel from all over the globe to our courses in order to benefit from classes given by the best teachers that the dance world has to offer. With the support of William Forsythe we have broadened the horizon of young dancers opening them to new techniques and styles preparing them to the demands of a dance company of today who do not only ask their dancers to have excellent classical technique but also a knowledge of many different styles.

Our goal is to be a stepping stone for young dancers towards the start of their career. We have also achieved this by inviting directors to audition new talent during our course, creating a personal audition package as well as offering personal coaching sessions.

Thanks to »ART of«, many dancers have found their place in professional dance schools or companies and have been able to make invaluable contacts with directors, ballet masters and of course fellow colleagues and friends.

Our upcoming »ART of« Ballet Courses

16th - 28th July 2018
Ballet Summer Course MADRID 2018

6th - 18th August 2018

Ballet Summer Course ZURICH 2018

20th - 26th August 2018
Stage de Danse MARSEILLE 2018