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German Ballet Award | Ballet Competition

The G.B.A. - German Ballet Award

is an International Ballet Competition taking place in Dresden, Germany.

The G.B.A. has been created to fill the noticeable gap in the education of young dancers. It is designed to be a stepping stone for those wishing to pursue a professional career in classical ballet and modern dance.
With the vast repertoire of today’s ballet companies, directors are looking for versatile dancers, able to perform to an equally high standard in classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire.

Participation in the G.B.A. is reserved for young dancers, from the age of 12 through to 20 years of age and is open to candidates of all nationalities.
Participants will be assigned to group according to their age.

° Group one: age 12-14

° Group two: age 15- 18

° Group three: age 19 -20


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