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started to dance in 1980 in Beacon-New York (USA) with Mrs. Seda. After Studying for one year at the ''Conservatoire Régional de Danse De Montpellier'' (France) in 1982, she was accepted as a student of the Paris Opera Ballet School where she graduated in 1986.
Béatrice Martel joined the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet as ''Quadrille'' in 1986, was promoted to ''Coryphée'' in 1988 and to ''Sujet'' in 1996.
In 1998 she obtains the french teaching diploma, "Diplôme d'Etat: Professeur de Danse" and in 2008 the ''Diplôme Certificat d'Aptitude: Professeur de Danse''

She has danced in ballets of among others R. Noureev, G. Balanchine, J. Robbins, A. Bournonville, J. Kilian, M. Ek, A. Preljocaj, C. Carlson and W. Forsythe.
Béatrice Martel has created eleven choreographies. Her ballet ''Figure Libre'' was performed during the 2009 season of the Paris Opera Ballet.

She has taken classes with The National Ballet of Cuba and the American Ballet Theatre in order to study their different teaching methods.
In 2002 she was invited as a guest teacher at the Ballet of Hanoi and in 2005 she assisted José Martinez during his creation of ''Scaramouche'' at the Paris Opera Ballet School.
In 2010 she rehearsed the Paris Opera Ballet for the ballet ''La Petite Danseuse de Degas'' of Patrice Bart.

In 2011, Béatrice Martel retires from the stage. In the same year, Brigitte Lefevre, director of the Paris Opera Ballet, offers her the position of Ballet Master at the Paris Opera Ballet.

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