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Photo: Fernando Marcos


Born in Madrid, 1972. Ballet Master at the Compañía Nacional de Danza, Spain, since 2012 (Artistic Director, José Carlos Martínez).

Ms. Matamoros was trained mainly by her mother, Carmina Ocaña, following the Danish School of Ballet established by August Bournonville in the 19th Century, and later on, by Willy Burmann and David Howard in New York City. Before joining the CND, Elna spent ten years as a Ballet Master of the Ballet Nacional de España, where she focused on the development, re-staging and promotion of the most precious Spanish dance form from the romantic period: the Bolero School. Before that, Ms. Matamoros worked as a Ballet Master at the Víctor Ullate Ballet and taught at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid and the Escuela de Ballet Carmina Ocaña among other places. During her years at CND, Elna has been in charge of Martínez’s Sonatas and Delibes Suite, as well as his own versions of classics such as Raymonda Divertimento, Giselle Pas de Deux and recently, his full-length Don Quixote. She has also been rehearsing Balanchine’s ballets -Allegro Brillante and Who Cares?- and William Forsythe’s Herman Schmermann and The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude. For the 35th Anniversary Gala of the CND, she staged Flower Festival in Genzano, by August Bournonville.

Moreover, Ms. Matamoros is a frequent collaborator of several publications (El Cultural, Por la Danza, Arte x Arte, Mundo Clásico…) and a full time adviser of the Loewe Foundation since 2007, for whose blog she is also the main writer and editor. Elna is the author of the book Augusto Bournonville, Historia y Estilo (Akal, 2008) -prefaced by Tamara Rojo, with an introduction by Frank Andersen- and editor of the book Carmen/Gades 25 Años (Fundación Autor, 2008). Her blog Once Upon a Chácena, brings out all the insights of the performing arts from the artist’s perspective. She frequently holds lectures on Performing Arts and has taught Dance History at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila. For the Educational Program of the CND, Ms. Matamoros has written four informative books so far: George Balanchine, La danza en puntas, Carmen and Don Quijote.

Ms. Matamoros holds a Bachelors Degree in Classical Ballet from the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid (1989), a Master of Arts in Dance Education from New York University (Fulbright Scholar, 2000) and is currently working on her PhD Thesis for Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, School of Philosophy and Aesthetics.


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