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Photos: Martin Grega


was born in Poland/Lubin, Czech Nationality. He spent most of his childhood traveling around Europe with the circus, where his parents worked as acrobats. He studied and trained at the Conservatory for Dance and Music in Prague. In 1992, he received the "Prix Especes" award, along with "The Television Viewers Prize" at Prix de Lausanne, an international competition for young dancers. In 1993, he was invited to join the Hamburg Ballet, where he is currently still performing. Otto advanced to principal dancer by 1997. Throughout his career he has been a sought-after guest artist, invited to perform with many renowned companies worldwide, and featured in many gala performances.  Aside from his role as a dancer, Otto is creative in many other fields, composing, designing, and creating short films and video-clips. He has composed classical and electronic music for film and dance, some of which has been performed by the Hamburg State Opera, l'Opéra de Paris, the Semperoper in Dresden, and in Sapporo, Japan. ARTE, a TV channel celebrated for its interest and focus on the arts, produced a film documentary about Otto and his twin brother Jiri, titled "The Ballet Twins." The short film "Nachtrausch" (Nocturnal Ecstasy) marks Otto's debut as director and film editor. His short dance film "Enlightened" was a finalist in the online video competition in SideBySide Art Center E.V. Other musical compositions of Otto's include the score for his short film "Nachtrausch," and Jiri Bubenicek's ballets: "Unerreichbare Orte" (premiere with The Hamburg Ballet in 2005), "Ai No Yukue Mo" (premiere in Sapporo in 2005), and "Le souffle de l'esprit", (premiere with the Zurich Ballet in 2007) for which he also designed the set and costumes. "Toccata" (premier in New York City Ballet 2009) music and costumes.

Otto was also invited to many TV shows in Prag and Zurich. 

2012 received the International Ballet Award Dance Open “Best Duet”, In 2009, Otto was awarded by Italy's most prestigious dance awards - "Premio Danza & Danza," (The best dancer of 2009). And best dancer of 2009 in "TANZ" Magazine. Otto has recently been nominated for "Orpheus" in the Theatre Award of FAUST in the category of "Acting and Dance Performance"

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