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Photo: Holger Badekow


was born in Hamburg, Germany, and received her education at the Hamburg Ballett Opera School, under the direktion of John Neumeier. In 1983, she won the Prix de Lausanne and joined the company of The Hamburg Ballett, also under the direction of John Neumeier in 1984. She became Soloist in 1986 and Principal dancer in 1989. In the same year she won the Wilhelm Oberdörfer Prize. In 1994 she joined the Frankfurt Ballett and worked closely with William Forsythe dancing in all his major works. Since 2002 she is a freelancing artist. She has set the ballets of William Forsythe for many companies worldwide and is also renowned as international coach and teacher. She has also worked as an assistant for Jacopo Godani for several productions and assisted David Dawson in his productions of Giselle and The World According to Us. In 2004 she was in the Jury of the Prix de Lausanne and worked as a teacher in the years 2011 and 2012.

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